Software Updates

Software Update

We used to do a section on the podcast about what software updates had been issued during the week.   With the existence of the Mac App Store that now seems redundant as you can set it to auto-update the software you have purchased via the store together with operating system updates and security fixes.

The question still remains though, what about other apps not downloaded via the App Store.   Well you could go down through your Applications Folder and check each one systematically for updates.    What if you have a lot of Apps?   That method seems labour intensive and tiresome.    Enter the realm of the Apps that check for App Updates (try say that ten times quickly).

I have two recommendations to handle this.   One is a paid solution, the other is free.

App Fresh ($14.99 from metaquark)

AppFresh uses various technologies to check online for app updates and notify you of changes.   Personally I think the price is a little steep for what it does so I have gone with option 2.

Bodega (free from freshcode)

Bodega is an alternative to the Mac App Store.   You can actually purchase apps using Bodega, although I have not used this feature.   For my requirements I have set Bodega to check for updates once a week and use it’s results to download the updates (all from within the app).

So there you have it, a few different ways to keep your operating system and applications up to date.   If anyone has any recommendations of their own please feel free to send them on using the Contact section of this website.

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