MacCraic – Episode 99 – Macs Well Smart

The boys forego any semblance of structure and talk about the anything they can find on their Evernote. Enjoy !

Financial results for 2Q 2011: busted the analysts expectations once again.

PS- Should have noted that iPad2 sales were not up to scratch but when you have “the mother of all backlogs” to fill, putting some of that $66bn cash mountain to use helps.


Preview app in Lion will act as Word, Excel, PowerPoint viewer: So now it becomes the jack of some more trades 🙂 .

Gruber- iOS location storing is a bug, getting fixed in future iOS update : Fix this fast Cupertino as this could get messy quickly. Do believe this is an oversight though, not a Big Bro situ in any way.

Rumor- iPhone 5 Gets Tapered Design, Larger Screen, Gesture-Sensitive Home Button? : And it will drive you to work in the morning too 🙂  . Rumours, ya gotta love ’em

Yum iMac Coffee Table an Innovative Form of Computer Recycling : This is a really cool example of practical recycling …… for five grand a pop.

Other Order of Business:

Games, EA Sales Drop: Did everybody go for these instead of Easter eggs ?

Simplenote & nvALT : Have used ’em to write up these shownotes on Mac & iPad. This is a perfect combo up there with Riggs & Murtagh or Laurel & Hardy 🙂

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That’s all the Craic from this week’s Mac !

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