MacCraic – Episode 98 – Giving Head

The boys get up to the usual tomfoolery as the review the news while Justin speaks about catching the early worm ( or something like that 🙂 ). So sit back and indulge for your listening pleasure.


Growth of iOS : A new survey from MobileMix with charts galore showing the ongoing march of the iOS platform especially with the introduction of the iPhone4 to the Verizon network. Even though Android still has majority of the market individual companies that licence Android only hold about 3% of the market on average while iOS owned by Apple only has 31% of impressions.
Would be curious to see how many Verizon iPhones have been activated and could this stymie the Droid’s growth in future.

Future of Mac Design : The hiring of Kevin Kenney who is a composites engineer by Apple who has been advising them on the use of carbon composite materials in prototype devices. The guy also has expertise in the supply chain area but don’t think that your are gonna see an iBike in the next Tour de France

Begun the 3D Wars have: Pretty cool demo that uses the front facing camera on an iPad2 ( also could work on iPhone/iPod Touch) and with some software wizardry tracks your face and generates in this case a 3d UI. Pretty cool vid to check out at end of article.


Moov: An Israeli start up that have created a case for iPhone4 that you put it into in order to wirelessly send video to your HDTV.


Lifestyle Changes: The Just gets up earlier in the morning to catch the early worm. Would you take on this lifestyle & what would you do with all those worms ? You could write a book too 🙂

Other order of business:

Escape from the Flash: Yes, folks finally we can stop being the guys throwing stones in the glasshouse and state that our site is now HTML5 ready for audio and video with new WordPress plugin. That worked after Justin changed some of the site’s plumbing to make it play nice, if a person is using Chrome, Safari or other HTML5 compliant browser. Otherwise it defaults to Flash if you visit with an older browser, but the question then would be… WHAT’S UP WIT DAT ?

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That’s all the Craic from this week’s Mac !

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