MacCraic – Episode 91 – The State of Your Pad

This week the boys discuss the state of the Pad & apologize for the gap between shows. We’ll try to get back to a more regular footing going forward. We also somehow discussed nude canoeing during the show, so sit back & enjoy.




  • iPad in big business: Apple give 4 case studies on their site showing how the iPad is making a difference in the corporate space from a large internationally well known hotel chain to a small dentist practice in mid-town Manhattan.
  • OS 4.2 update: The boys review some extra features that have been introduced to the beta release.
  • Eat my Pad: Not exactly a Bart Simpson comeback but rather a recent NPD survey discussing how Apple are cannibalizing the lower-end of notebook as well as the netbook market but not by 50%.



Sponsor – GoDaddy

Unseen, Undressed & Uncalled For

Dave’s App of the Week
  • The app picked this week for once is not an iOS app but rather an OSX based one which is a very handy utility for keeping your CPU well behaved by the name of App Tamer from St Claire Software.
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