MacCraic – Episode 90 – The Craic is 90

Hi MacCraicers , this week the boys get through the news in the usual MacCraic style dealing everything from Auto Erotic Mac through to the new Cupertino Commandments. Sit back with your cup of tea/coffee, your Kit-Kat & enjoy.



Sponsor – GoDaddy

Unseen, Undressed & Uncalled For

  • We decided to try this again using “macintosh” as search term this time, how will it turn out? Wonder if we’ll end up with another sports related story.

Dave’s App of the Week

  • Appshopper Free in App Store– Decided to go meta this week & make my pick an app that keeps an eye on the App Store for any apps that get reduced in price or become free (spin your head wouldn’t it). Really like the layout of this app & latest update allows you to do a (originally) Tweetie like pull down to refresh list action.
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