MacCraic – Episode 89 – Unseen, Undressed & Totally Uncalled For

Hi MacCraicers , this week the boys give their take on the Apple event that took place on Wed 02/09/10 & proceed to have a little disagreement about a certain magical entertainment box. So sit back & listen to the fireworks going off:


Apple Music Event

iPod Shuffle: The buttons made a return, it’s 18% bigger with shuffle function. Voiceover function (with a button) is carried over from 3rd gen model, it comes in 5 beautiful colours 2GB of storage for the princely sum of $/€49

iPod Nano: Clickwheel has now gone, being replaced by a 1.9inch square touchscreen with accelerometer but it’s not running iOS (though it looks like it does). As a result, it is 30% smaller and it looks like it could fit on your wrist as a watch as it come also with a clip-on like the shuffle (nano case makers at the ready 🙂 ). It comes in same colours as shuffle in 2 models- 8 & 16GB for €/$149 & €/$179 with a shake to shuffle feature,Nike+ & radio (pause up to 15mins)- but the camera is gone unlike previous gen model.

iPod Touch: The 4th gen comes in 3 models- 8, 32 & 64GB for €/$229 €/$299 & €/$399 respectively. Like the iPhone4 this model contains the Retina Display, A4 processor, a front (for Facetime) & rear facing camera that takes both photos + 720P vids (don’t expect the camera to be as good the the iPhone’s though), microphone & gyroscope. It also has only 256mb RAM unlike the 512mb on the iPhone4.

AppleTV: Otherwise known as “one more hobby”, this entertainment box can now fit in the palm of your hand, has come down to $99/€119. It runs on the A4 processor which also suggests that iOS is powering (and we don’t mean that performance suffers) it & it now streams content from iTunes as no local storage is available to sync unlike previous model or your can rent content from AppleTV itself to stream. Airtunes has been enhanced to be called Airplay which will now stream video/audio from your iPad (figure iPhone/iTouch also) to Apple TV & will be introduced in iOS 4.2. David has an issue with lack of broader format support in iTunes & AppleTV which Justin does not agree with.


iTunes10: This was an update which seems to have caused some consternation amongst the faithful due to the icon change (doesn’t bug us personally) & “colourless” UI change also ( let’s face it iTunes is the UI experimental ground for Apple ), though David had an issue with the Mothership breaching it’s own Human Interface Guidelines & resorted to the terminal with a OSX Hints tip to put some manners on the “traffic light” look. Ping the social networking section was introduced though it can’t connect with Facebook currently as StevieJ stated “onerous terms” were the issue at moment. iTunes10 broke at moment the use of automator actions but AppleScript remains unaffected. Remember to backup before you download.

As a side note, David’s predictions of death to the clickwheel have proved premature as the iPod Classic still lives though has not been updated- guess next year will be the year for this.

The Laptop is alive, well & coming from Cupertino:

Reports are showing that Apple are the only manufacturer who’s sales of notebooks are not declining. The lesson to be learned for businesses is- Don’t engage in the race to the bottom.

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Unseen, Undressed & Uncalled For

This is a new section of the show where a random “mac” story will be picked from a search on Google news & reacted to MacCraic style. This will either be amazing or an epic fail.

Tip of the Week

Adding colour back to iTunes 10

Getting rid of the “Traffic Lights” on iTunes10

Dave’s App of the Week: Mirror’s Edge from EA €4.99 in App Store- Would describe this as a parkour game set in a dystopian future, excellent graphics, controls & gameplay. However, game time completing all levels in game is shorter than I expected but made up for with other modes including Speed Run & beating online times & earning badges (not like in scouts though 🙂 ).

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