MacCraic – Episode 30 – Crashing Towards a Billion

Well Apple are heading towards their one billionth app download and are running a competition for customers as a celebration. Dave and Justin have a look at the things that make the app store special and look at the other news from the Applesphere this week.  
20″ iMac deal for Schools
Is 10.5.7 immanent?
MacBook Air External Battery
Mac Sales Down in Q1
Closing in on the 1billion apps downloaded
Crash Bandicoot hits 1million downloads
Are Apple looking at a Unibody iPod?
Server Admin Tools
Feature 1 – Dave – Twittercentric, Tweetie for the Mac, Nambu
Feature 2 – Justin – Drive Genius 2 part 2 the next step
Justin’s Tip of the Week – Sleeping Your iPod Touch
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