MacCraic – Episode 103 – We Don’t Need No Education

This week playing the part of David Shortle is the wonderful Steve Stanger. Steve is a long time Mac Guru and podcaster ( Justin and Steve chat about the recent Apple event which was focused on education and also indulge in common passions like photography and Mac Maintenance. So grab a cup of coffee, actually better make that a pot of coffee as this one goes long, and enjoy some Craic with Steve and Justin.


Apple – Apple Events – Apple Special Event January 2012

  • iBooks 2
    • What has changed?
      • enabled for multi media
      • highlight and note taking (only for new text books, doesn’t work for existing ePub books).
      • flash cards made from glossary and notes
    • Why is it important?
      • different ways different people learn
        • aural
        • visual
        • readers
        • tactile
    • What are the weaknesses?
      • dogma within educational institutions
      • dependance on one distribution channel
      • The haves and have nots – Not every student has an iPad
      • Tough battle for Apple. Won’t be a quick win like the iPad was for example
  • iBooks Author
    • What is it?
      • application that allows mere mortals to create interactive books
      • iWeb for publishing
      • fairly easy to use
    • How can regular users get the most out of it?
      • play with it
      • Combine it with other iLife and iWork applications – media browser
      • incorporate previous material into the app
    • What are the gotchas?
  • iTunes U
    • Now has been elevated to its own app.
    • integration with ibooks
    • some fantastic courses available for free

Photography in the age of modern smartphones

Quick Mac maintenance

  • Recommended software – MainMenu or Onyx
  • back up before performing any maintenance
  • before performing maintenance quit all applications
  • Daily/Weekly
    • keep software up to date
    • reboot every couple of days if you keep you Mac on 24/7
    • back up
  • Monthly
    • repair system/disk file permissions
    • manually run daily, weekly & monthly maintenance scripts
  • Once or twice a year (six month preventative maintenance)
    • zap parameter ram (PRAM) – hold down Command, Option, P, and R
    • rebuild LaunchServices
    • rebuild or delete System, User, Internet, and font caches

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That’s all the craic from this weeks Mac.

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